6 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Extra money is something that any of us can use and being a stay-at-home mom, I have explored a lot of different options. I have read sooo many articles about making money from home and many suggest the same things: start a blog, do surveys or freelance writing. While there are a lot of people out there that have been successful at those things, let’s face it, not everyone has time (or the desire) to start a blog or freelance write, and not to mention, the many “Make easy Money!” scams out there. There are so many options out there for extra cash but these are all ones that I have personally tried, currently do or have looked deep into for the future. So lets right to it!

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links through which I would earn a small commission from if a purchase is made at no extra cost to you. All thoughts and opinions are my own. There are also referral links within the post from which we would both receive a small incentive amount. Thank you for your readership and support!

1. Website Tester

Being a website tester is something I have personally made extra money doing in the past and actually something I really enjoyed! When I did it, I did it for a company called User Testing and each “job” took about 20-30 minutes and payed $10. Some, more in-depth tasks can take longer but they are specified in the description and pay more for your time. A quick summary of how it works: When you login to your dashboard, you can see the different tasks that are open. Each test is different but the basic idea is that these companies want to see how easy their site is for the average person to navigate. You will be prompted to complete steps while talking through what you are thinking of the site as you do each task. Yes, your voice is being recorded for this and no, you are not on video. Trust me, I’ve just rolled out of bed to do some of these and if I was on video, it wouldn’t have been pretty! You can find out more about Usertesting by visiting their website or one the many other companies that offer the same opportunities.

Web Hosting

2. Sell Your Clothes

There are several websites to sell your clothes on but the one I like most is Poshmark. All you do is snap a picture of your item, write a description, set your price and click the “list” button. When someone purchases your item, Poshmark emails a shipping label to you and all you have to do is print the label and package the item. Poshmark does take a 20% commission out which I have found to be worth it for multiple reasons that other sites just don’t compare on. With them, you have protection as a seller, have access to wholesale without a license, and they handle credit card fees, shipping labels and, although rare, dealing with potential scammers. Buyers will usually pay higher prices because the 20% commission is taken into consideration and many people sell on the site, just to buy from other sellers. If you want to see an example, you can check out my closet @apexthreds to see how to list. Later on, I may write an entire post on what my experience has been so far but for now, if you’re curious about it, just try it for yourself (buying or selling) by visiting Poshmark! If you do, be sure to use my referral code, JVSUX to get $5 credits put into your Poshmark account. Free money, yeah!

3. Sell Crafts or Vintage Items on Etsy

Now this one might not be for everyone but I urge you to take a look at Etsy and see all of the possibilities for selling. There truly is something on there for everyone and not all of the items people sell necessarily take a lot of effort. Everyone has the ability to make things and you really never will be able to find your niche market unless you take a chance on yourself and do it! I will admit that I haven’t tapped into this option yet but I have dug deep into the details of the process. There are so many things that I enjoy making that take very little effort that I think could really bring in extra money but that will be down the road for me!

4. Get Paid To Lose Weight

Alright, believe it or not, this IS a real way to make extra money because I tested it for myself. So there may be several sites that have this model but the one I can personally speak for is DietBet. How it works: You pick the game (or start one & challenge your friends) that would work best for your particular goals and what you honestly think is a healthy, manageable expectation. You’ll buy-in for whatever the particular game bet is, ranging from $10-$500 and then weigh-in. Make the lifestyle changes you need to accomplish your goal, weigh-out at the end and, if you met the goal split the pot with others who met their goal! Before you ask, they do have systems in place that work to detect and discourage unhealthy weight loss methods as well as cheating. Even though you won’t make a ton of money doing this, it is a great motivator that holds you accountable and I can honestly say, for me, it was a positive experience. If you have a bit of weight to lose and this sounds like something that would motivate you, check it out!

5. Freelance Websites

This is one that I have not personally done myself but I have looked into doing in the future. While there are several sites out there that have the same model, I have been looking real hard at a site called Perssist. You are paid to do tasks that Perssist-subscribed clients request and those tasks can be things like making reservations, doing a little research or even calling customer service to resolve an issue for a client. From what I have gathered, their hiring process is fairly in-depth but it is all to ensure that you are responsible, professional and helpful enough to provide service to their paying customers. While I can’t speak from experience on this one I think it is worth checking out to maybe make a little extra money. To learn more, you can visit the Perssist website and see if it is for you.

6. Start on an Investing App

Investing in the market can be scary for a lot of us that dealt with the Great Recession but if you take baby steps with your spare change it can be fun and motivating to see it grow! There are a few apps out there that will invest your spare change but the one I chose to use based on its great reviews is the Acorns App. When you make a purchase on your everyday items with your linked card, it will round-up your purchase to the next dollar and invest that rounded-up amount. Example: Your latte costs $5.40, Acorns will round it up to $6 and invest the $0.60 you wouldn’t have ever thought about anyways. You can also set up scheduled, investment amounts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as a little extra money that can grow even more based on market performance. So, if you invest $25 a week for a whole year, that’s $1300 working for you on the market, not to mention your round-ups that would be added to that. If you decide to try it and you use my referral link by clicking here and you will get $5 in your account just for signing up!

If you have tried any of these ideas to make a little extra money, which site did you use and what was your experience? Do you have any more recommendations that weren’t on this list? To be the first to know about more lifestyle tips, DIY projects or recipes, sign up for the Real Housewife of Montana Newsletter and be sure to follow me on Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter for up-to-the-minute happenings from Montana!

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