A Little Bit about Me:

Short Version

Grand Teton National Park Mountain View

My name is Crystal and I am a real housewife to my best friend, Ken and a mother to our 2 kids. We live in the best place on Earth, Montana! I am a former helicopter/airplane mechanic turned stay-at-home mom who is just trying to harness her inner Martha Stewart. Here, I will do my best to inspire ideas through real DIY Projects, recipes and tips for a more simple, beautiful life and home!

Longer Version

I live in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana with my wonderful husband and our 2 beautiful children.  We live in our modest log cabin or “wooden castle” (as our daughter called it when we first looked at our house) on our backwoods Montana homestead. I always dreamt of living in a log home BUT trust me when I say, log homes come with their own unique set of headaches (which I will share with you as they arise) but, depending on who you are, I’d say it’s worth it!

Our Montana Homestead.

I haven’t always been a SAHM, in fact, I never thought that this type of arrangement would ever be something I’d be into because I loved what I did for work and, I love my kids, but quite frankly, I thought I’d go crazy. Good News! I’m no crazier than I was before!

Up until a year ago, I had worked my entire adult life (since age 17) as a helicopter/airplane mechanic: helicopters (CH-47 Chinooks to be exact) in the army and airplanes for an aerial wildland firefighting company. Fun fact: My husband and I had worked alongside each other for much of my career since he is an aircraft mechanic as well. How did we meet? Good question! The answer to that is simple; we met in a way that most couples do: in the back of a Chinook! Where else?!?!

Just another day at the old office!

I’ve always wanted to start a blog and this is the first time that I have ACTUALLY committed to doing it…that is, after starting several free blogs that I did absolutely nothing with other than come up with what I thought was a clever name and maybe think about posting a bio. So, good news! I’m already ahead of my past “accomplishments” in the blogging world!

What you’ll find here:

This blog is a place for me to share with you, the various projects that I dream up like my DIY Dollar Store Fall Wreath or home improvement tasks. It is also a place for sharing recipes that I create out of my frequent food combination experiments that, most of the time, turn out great! Don’t worry, I only share the ones that I think that you will enjoy and are proven household hits with my VERY honest family, like my Asian Pork Dumplings . I have also been know to share my experiences and tips for things that I think are good to know, useful or just plain entertaining, like that time I competed in the Mrs. Montana Pageant! True story but a story for another day! I want the things that I share with you to be simple, but most of all, keep it real!!!

So, now that you know a little about me, feel free to share your thoughts, interests or maybe even suggest a topic that you’d like to see featured. I’m always open to suggestions! I LOVE comments and if you have a more lengthy, one-on-one type of question, comment, or would like to guest post, go ahead and shoot me an email at realhousewifeofmontana@gmail.com