DIY Patriotic Troll Hair

4th of July Patriotic DIY Troll Hair

Welcome back, my friends and Happy Weekend! Man, do I have a fun(and easy) project to share with you! At the request of my creative muse (AKA my adorable 6-year old daughter who was one of my baby models for this project), I put together this Patriotic Troll Hair project. I mean, what kid doesn’t love the Trolls Movie? I know that I personally have watched it 934 times (but who’s counting?) and I STILL love it! (Side note: That Justin Timberlake can serenade me anytime even in troll form.) So, it only makes sense to capitalize on that love and incorporate it into the upcoming 4th of July.

Patriotic Troll Hair

For this project I used red, white and blue tulle which I am going to recommend getting it in the little rolls like in the picture.  I was able to find these rolls for $1.97 each and it was plenty to make one at least two. (For reference purposes they were 31 yards long and about 6 inches wide.) It is much easier to handle when cutting and doesn’t take up as much room. The reason I didn’t have a roll of red was because I already had a few yards of it on hand and needed to use it up but it would have been WAY easier in the roll. The only other material you need for this is a headband which I was able to find a 2-pack for $0.88.

Patriotic Troll hair materials

Patriotic Troll Hair Materials:

  • 3 31-yard Rolls Red, White & Blue Tulle (1 each color) Cost: $5.91
  • 1 2-Pack Headbands (if making 2) Cost: $0.88
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments (Optional)

Total Cost: $6.79 or $3.39/each!

Alright, so before we make this super fun Patriotic Troll Hair, you can rest easy knowing that I have done the work for you to figure out the best way to handle all of this tulle. If you’ve never worked with tulle before, just know that it takes instruction about as good as a rambunctious 4 year-old boy. SO, knowing that, don’t wrap yourself around trying to make perfect lines of color. Remember, this should be a fun project, not one that makes you want to pull your OWN hair out!

Step 1: Cut several 34” pieces of each color (every piece for this project is the same length) so that you don’t have to stop between each piece.

Troll hair first tie
You’re off to a great start!

Step 2:  Starting with any color, double-knot tie your first piece on either end of the headband (about 3 ½ inches from the bottom), and making sure that lengths on either side of the headband are about even.

Patriotic Troll Hair
This is my style right here!

Step 3: Continue in across the entire headband, stopping when about even with the starting point on the other side.

Step 4: Now, Grab a scrap piece of tulle about the size of 2 small fists (or roughly 6 inches wide). This is our filler and without it, our nice, tall, pretty troll hair will fall over. Something I figured out the hard way!

Patriotic Troll Hair

Step 5: Make a part in the troll hair, separating pieces on either side of the headband and place the filler piece in the middle bringing the hair up around it.

Step 6: Laying everything flat, place one hand in the middle at the base of the hair with the other hand, smoothing the pieces that want to stray.

Patriotic Troll Hair
Tie your initial bow and adjust height and fluff pieces as needed!

Step 7: Tie a piece of ribbon, tulle or I used a scrap piece of fabric, about 6 inches up from the middle of the base of the hair to bring it all together. Make adjustments as needed to get the look you want.

Step 8 (Optional): You can add fun shiny embellishments to add some sparkle to have fun with it. I had some stuff lying around the house that I used but really, your options are only as limited as your imagination!

Patriotic Troll Hair
Look how pretty and shiny it is!

Step 9: Give yourself a high-five & a glass of wine because you just earned the “Best Mom (or dad) in the World” Award from your very happy kids by making troll hair!

Pro Tip: Use some bobby pins to secure the troll hair down for 2 reasons: #1. Unless your kid is the only kid on earth that doesn’t run or jump off of everything, you’ll need the security. #2. It allows more coverage on their little heads to look better instead of this crazy thing sitting awkwardly on their heads.

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